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Water is Life: Whole-Brain Integration, Hydration, and Holistic Water Relationships

At Treehouse Learning, we begin our day with Big Circle, a community gathering in the Big Room for a whole-program morning routine embedding music, movement, play, and whole-brain learning opportunities via relationship and community. After our unique Treehouse Learning Welcome 

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The Case for Increasing Pay for Early Childhood Educators

Take into consideration that educators shape every other profession. Let that sink in for a minute. Maybe read it again: Educators shape every single profession. Every profession or career path that adults choose to follow has been inspired, taught, and 

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Quality Early Childhood Education In Action: Whole Person Integration Leads to Learning

Whole Person Development and Integration in Early Childhood Education: Why Brain Gym, and Why PACE? Over the next few weeks, we’ll settle into a comfortable pace to dive into a deeper understanding of PACE, the doorway into whole-brain integration and 

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