Kindergarten at Treehouse Learning

A 21st Century Kindergarten Experience for a Whole Child

  • Hands-on Experiential Learning

    Our kindergarten students learn primarily through their five senses, real-life experiences, and relationships, rather than screens and technology!

  • Strong Readers, Writers, and Thinkers

    Science of Reading phonics instructions, oral presentation skills, daily reading and writing activities- handwriting too!

  • Academic Success

    Balanced academic preparation through foundational skills and fostering a lifelong love of learning, as well as High Scope COR Advantage observation-based child assessment and curriculum

  • 21st Century Education

    Brain Balanced approach includes rigorous Academics and Creative Arts

  • Professional Educators

    Colorado licensed teacher with specific kindergarten expertise and experience, plus embedded professionals providing mental health support, speech and occupational therapies, and movement-based integration and mindfulness

  • Prepared Learning Environment

    Hands-on teaching materials for math and science, and experiential learning opportunities across all subjects and domains

  • Environmental Literacy

    Hands-on experiential, nature-based learning for ecological literacy, environmental stewardship, and community-oriented mindset

  • Unique Specials

    Music, art, nature-based learning, gardening and ecology, cultural programs, physical education/movement, Spanish, and more! 

  • Play-based Education

    Play-based indoor and outdoor environments support intentional and research-based learning opportunities

  • Whole Child Focused

    Social-emotional learning, body-based mindfulness, goal-setting, and self-awareness/personal development

A child works on an abstract piece of artwork in the style of Alma Thomas
River kindergarten students explore that color can be symbolic and multisensory, evoking sound, motion, temperature, and even scent through this lesson recreating Alma' Thomas's "Delightful Song by Red Dahlia."

New Low Kindergarten Price!

2024-2025 Academic Year

$985 per month

Kindergarten tuition includes:

  • Academic Day Instruction with dedicated Kindergarten Teacher (8:30-3:30 pm)
  • Before/after care (available Monday-Friday between 7:30- 5:30 pm)
  • Chef-prepared lunch + 2 snacks
  • Embedded enrichment specials (Art, Music, Movement, Gardening, educational outreach and more!)
  • Embedded professional support (Literacy, Mental Health, Occupational Therapist and more)
  • Care available during Spring Break week for $100

Why Private Kindergarten at Treehouse Learning?

Kindergarten at Treehouse Learning Treehouse Learning first opened our full-day Kindergarten program in 2010 after the expansion of our building two years prior, when Colorado only offered half-day kindergarten options. The classroom and Kindergarten program was named “River,” which is 

Kindergarten Spring Performance

To paint a true picture of Treehouse Learning’s play-based, relationship-centered, community-focused River Kindergarten experience, come check out our annual Treehouse Learning River Kindergarten’s Spring Performance!! Get your passport ready for an artistic and musical extravaganza performed by a talented group 

Community-Based Educational Partnerships & Enrichment Specials

Weekly Movement Specials with Mountain Kids Louisville

Logo for Mountain Kids Louisville
Mountain Kids dance instructor offers creative movement, body-based social emotional learning through joyful self-expression in a weekly PE special.

Weekly Music Instruction with Center for Musical Arts

Image of musical instruments on a wooden bookshelf
Music is an important part of our arts and academics curriculum and daily routines.

Embedded Fine & Visual Arts Instruction

What makes Treehouse Learning Kindergarten so unique?

Treehouse Learning offers a unique, independent Kindergarten program to support children’s balanced development across academic, social-emotional, and physical domains, as well as foster a lifelong love of learning. A small class size limited to 15 students supports individual learning needs through strengths-based learning opportunities that support the Whole Child. Our unique setting is ideal and rigorous academic preparation for children moving onto first grade, as well as younger children to “red shirt” before moving to a larger setting.  

Integrated academics and enrichments include a comprehensive arts program, music with Lafayette’s Center for Musical Arts, Creative Movement with Mountain Kids, mindfulness and SEL, gardening, environmental education, High Scopes curriculum, and more! 

We believe that play-based, child-directed learning is the method and mechanism to build academic skills (including the foundation for all future academic skills), self-management and critical thinking skills, social-emotional awareness and skills, and positive physical development. 

A Day in the Life of a River Kindergarten Student

Daily Schedule for Fall/Winter

7:30- 8:40 am

Early morning free choice activities and arrival

8:45-9:00 am

Big Circle


Music (Mondays), Read Aloud/Nutrition/Preparation for Outdoor Play


Recess/Playground or Nature Walk/ Snack


Literacy Centers


Mountain Kids Creative Movement (M), Math (T, W, F), Art (Th)


Calendar and Group Time


Lunch in Big Room, plus Recess/Outdoor Play


Rest Time/ Read Aloud


Writing (M, W, Th) / Science (T,F)


Share Time (student-led oral presentations)


Afternoon  snack/ Pickup for Academic-day only/ Inside free choice activities


After care/children combine with Evergreen classroom

5:00-5:30 pm

Combine in Forest for end-of-day activities/Pick up

River Kindergarten Testimonials

From a Parent

We enjoyed having our daughter in the Treehouse Learning Kindergarten program. With a small class size, each child received individual attention from Ms. Kim. During parent-teacher conferences, it was apparent that Ms. Kim knew our daughter well and was responding to her individual social and academic needs. The continuity in care from her preschool experience was helpful for her growth in a familiar environment, and came with the added bonus of built-in after-care and vacation care (no signing up for camps during school breaks!). We appreciated Treehouse Learning’s attention to our daughter’s whole child development and she is beyond ready for first grade after a year in the Kindergarten program! -ST

From a Parent

We have a son whose birthday is in July, and felt he could benefit from being held back from starting public kindergarten until he turned 6. I looked for a private kindergarten, and am so glad that we found Treehouse Learning. [H.] has had an amazing year of growth in Ms. Kim’s kindergarten class. The class was small (10 students), and has time with the entire school (infants through kinder) in the morning with singing and movement. Our son had the opportunity to grow and mature in a loving, supportive environment, where they very much focus on whole child growth. I have no doubt that he will be so much more successful next year in public kindergarten than if he started as a young 5-year old.  – LC

From Sara Hill, Occupational Therapist/Owner of Lil’ Sprouts Pediatric Therapy

The River Kindergarten classroom is a unique program that allows students to feel prepared for the next steps in a larger educational setting.  The small class size allows for individualized instruction as well as a peaceful learning environment.  Students are able to develop close social relationships and often work in small groups to complete learning activities.  The small class size allows the teacher to tailor activities specific to the small group and is able to structure the day to meet the needs of the students.  This classroom option works for students as a true kindergarten classroom or as an option to prepare them further for entering public school kindergarten.  It gives families an option if they aren’t sure whether or not their child is ready for large classroom kindergarten.

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