Quality Kindergarten at Treehouse Learning

Treehouse Learning offers intentional, strengths-based, child-centered learning opportunities for kindergarten-age children in order to empower the development of a whole person with the capacity to positively impact the world. We believe that intentional play is the method and mechanism that develops intellectual goals, supports social-emotional skills, and guides children’s physical development that lead to success in school and life.

From a Parent

We enjoyed having our daughter in the Treehouse Learning Kindergarten program. With a small class size, each child received individual attention from Ms. Kim. During parent-teacher conferences, it was apparent that Ms. Kim knew our daughter well and was responding to her individual social and academic needs. The continuity in care from her preschool experience was helpful for her growth in a familiar environment, and came with the added bonus of built-in after-care and vacation care (no signing up for camps during school breaks!). We appreciated Treehouse Learning’s attention to our daughter’s whole child development and she is beyond ready for first grade after a year in the Kindergarten program! -ST

  • Intentional Engagement

    Intentional engagement to support the development of perseverance, curiosity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and resilience

  • A Wholistic Approach

    Musicmovementartsculturenature walks, as daily curriculum and specials

  • Play-based Education

    Play-based indoor and outdoor environments support intentional and research-based learning opportunities

  • Belonging-oriented

    Support belonging and care for ourselves, each other, and the community and environment around us

  • Community-building

    Collaborative community participation via mealtime, intergenerational relationships and environmental stewardship.

  • Social-emotional Smarts

    Social-emotional and whole-child learning opportunities

  • Professional Educators

    Embedded professionals provide mental health support, speech and occupational therapies, and Brain Gym

"For children, play is serious learning." --Mr. Fred Rogers

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