Program Specials

Treehouse Learning is rooted in community partnerships to support children's physical, intellectual, and social development. We offer UPK, as well as unique enrichment specials to support the holistic education of the "Whole Child"

Big Circle: A unique community gathering to begin our day through music and movement together

  • A daily ritual rooted in music, joy, and play

    Treehouse Learning children gather in the Big Room each morning at 8:45 am to begin our day through a school-wide community singing event that lasts about 10-15 minutes. We sing songs supporting the development of literacy, language, and mathematical concepts, fine and gross motor skills, and community-oriented, peace-based songs about nature and caring for ourselves, each other, and the world around us. A truly joyful way to begin our day!

  • Classroom and Program-Wide Community

    Children gather on a classroom blanket with their classmates (or join their siblings on their blanket).  Infants and toddlers are fascinated by their older peers, and our older preschool and Kindergarten children love to be the leaders!

  • Welcome to the Treehouse Learning Family...

    Children and adults alike join in the familiar ritual with an original community-focused welcome song, Welcome to Treehouse…

  • Gratitude and Self-Expression

    Big Circle helps begin our days in gratitude! The children practice deep belly breathing as they think about something they are thankful for, often inhaling the delicious aromas emerging from the Kitchen and together we thank Ms. Mary for the day’s lunch she has begun to prepare. The children then dance and self-express their gratitude as we repeat the simple-yet-profound lyrics of our song, “We’ve got so much to be thankful for.”

  • Big Circle Time is Learning Time!

    Our daily combination of Big Circle songs encourages literacy and language development through catchy rhyming words, counting and math concepts, musical techniques and rhythms practiced through call-and-response, large body movements (i.e. songs like Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes), fine-motor movements and sign language (i.e. singing and signing the A-B-C’s), songs in Spanish, and more!

  • Children's Favorite Songs!

    Our daily song list includes a rotation of familiar repeated songs, new songs, and classic songs children love, and our song list is intentionally curated to engage children’s bodies, hearts, and minds

  • Original Brain Gym Songs for Body-Based Mindfulness

    Advertisers have long known that information is easily memorized and retained through a catchy jingle! We intentionally leverage the same brain-pathways to introduce the self-regulation and mindfulness tools of intentional movement patterns through Brain Gym via multi-sensory and movement-based songs.

  • Shine our Lights Over Treehouse Learning!

    We end our gathering with a dismissal song to the tune of “This Little Light of Mine”, dismissing each group classroom by classroom from infants on up, where children recognize they are both part of an individual classroom community as well as a larger school community at Treehouse Learning.

Children are offered Fine Arts exploration and instruction, create process-based masterpieces, practice artistic techniques, engage in creative self-expression and learn literacy-based art education inspired by the natural world around us

Dedicated specialists, including our full-time Art and Environment specialist, music teachers, dance instructors, and SEL-based movement coaches build joyful relationships with children to support life-long creative self-expression

Environmental Arts at encourage children to explore nature-inspired artwork using a variety of upcycled, repurposed, and found materials, including gardening!

Program Partnerships

Mountain Kids Louisville

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Center for Musical Arts

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Growing Gardens

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Treehouse Learning Meal Program

Our kitchen, located at the top of the Big Room, is the heart of our building. Every day as we gather at Big Circle, our daily community gathering, we take a deep inhaling breath and practice gratitude as we smell the delicious scents of lunch and thank our beloved Chefs for making lunch!

Treehouse Learning provides all children with chef-prepared lunches as well as morning and afternoon snacks every day.

  • Nutritious and Diverse Menu

    Chef-prepared meals and snacks featuring local & organic ingredients, plant-based options, and internationally-inspired dishes

  • Feel-Good Food for Children and Adults!

    Children expand their palates to enjoy a large variety of nutritious and delicious meals!

  • Food Allergies and Restrictions

    Food allergies and special dietary needs may also be accommodated (i.e. Gluten Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian, etc.).

  • Child Participation and Nutritional Education

    Partnerships with local Boulder County Farm-to-Early Childhood programs and curriculum for educational outreach visits as well as our own garden-to-table and nutrition curriculum.

  • Feeding and Nutritional Support

    Embedded support from occupation and speech therapists and early childhood professionals to support feeding challenges, picky eaters, and food-related sensory needs.

  • Mealtime Curriculum

    Shared meal experiences with teachers and peers are an important part of our curriculum, incorporating math, language, and social skills. Children also receive food demonstrations and cooking lessons, enjoy culturally-based food experiences, and participate in community events, such as our annual Stone Soup celebration.

  • A Menu to Make Your Mouth Water

    Scroll below for a representative sample menu of meals served at Treehouse Learning

  • Feeding and Life Skills

    Children learn about food systems, build relationships with our kitchen staff, and practice serving their food, clearing their places, tuning into their body’s hunger cues, and composting food scraps.

Words and pictures from the mouths of parents and children

Dear Mary,

For the last four years you have created hot, healthy, adventurous meals for both W. and T. you have introduced many new flavors and textures into their diet. Thank you for the love and care you give every day. You have made a big positive difference in my children’s lives.

Thank you,


Ms. Mary,

We wanted to thank you for all that you do for Treehouse Learning and our sons A. and A.! We know that each day our boys are in such good hands- and will be nurtured in both mind and body. You are truly a gift to all of us and amazing at your craft. Thank you so much!

The P. Family

Dear Mary & Ari,

We cannot begin to express how grateful we are to you both for feeding our children so well every week!

Thank you,

The M. Family

Dear Mary,

We are so grateful for you and all that you provide at Treehouse. Not only are the healthy meals critical to the kids learning and playing. The healthy thoughtful ingredient, the diversity of flavors are teaching the kids so much about good food. So many parents say their kids only eat mac & cheese. But kids eat and love so much more when given the chance!

Thank you!

A. & S.

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