Big Circle + Brain Gym: A Whole Brain, Whole Person Invitation into a Joyful Day

Big Circle: More than just singing At its core, Big Circle is a sacred community gathering that invites our entire Treehouse Learning community of children, staff, parents, and other adults into an integrated place of positive, joyful energy. At Treehouse 

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An Innovative Opportunity to Improve Workforce Retention in the Early Childcare Industry

As part of our $45K award for the CIRCLE Grant, our innovative and community-based initiatives to improve resilience, equity, and sustainability in early childcare environments are focused on addressing the systemic challenges of improving workforce retention, supporting workforce preparedness, and 

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Community-Based Innovation to Reimagine Early Childhood Education in Action

In October 2022, Treehouse Learning was awarded a $45K competitive CIRCLE Grant to pursue and implement innovative solutions to make early childhood education more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable.  In partnership with the Colorado Department of Early Childhood, Early Milestones is 

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