Community-Based Innovation to Reimagine Early Childhood Education in Action

In October 2022, Treehouse Learning was awarded a $45K competitive CIRCLE Grant to pursue and implement innovative solutions to make early childhood education more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable.  In partnership with the Colorado Department of Early Childhood, Early Milestones is 

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Private Equity in Corporate Daycare Franchises, Versus Holistic, Community-based Early Childhood Education Experiences to Support Whole-Person Thriving

What Does a Thriving Community Look Like? Treehouse Learning exists to help humans thrive and co-create the kind of world we wish for our descendants to inherit. We are actively and deeply invested in shaping the future. No one on 

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Quality Early Childhood Education In Action: Whole Person Integration Leads to Learning

Whole Person Development and Integration in Early Childhood Education: Why Brain Gym, and Why PACE? Over the next few weeks, we’ll settle into a comfortable pace to dive into a deeper understanding of PACE, the doorway into whole-brain integration and 

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