Treehouse Learning and Yale’s RULER Social-Emotional Curriculum

Treehouse Learning is offering Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence’s RULER Social Emotional Curriculum to support developmental objectives for social-emotional learning at Treehouse Learning, which we offer as part of an entire menu to support whole-person well-being and life-long positive 

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Martin Luther King Jr Day, Building the World Want to See

Treehouse Learning will be closed this year in observance of Martin Luther King Jr Day, the first time we’ve ever closed in observance of this holiday. Why does this matter to Treehouse Learning? Quite simply, it’s part of who we 

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Community-Based Innovation to Reimagine Early Childhood Education in Action

In October 2022, Treehouse Learning was awarded a $45K competitive CIRCLE Grant to pursue and implement innovative solutions to make early childhood education more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable.  In partnership with the Colorado Department of Early Childhood, Early Milestones is 

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