“Culturally Divisive” Topics, or Social-Emotional Learning as the Foundations of Democracy

This week, we received a great question from one of our parent feedback surveys that we thought would make an excellent blog post. The question was: How does Treehouse Learning teach socially or culturally divisive subjects? First, we don’t actually 

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Thriving in Variable Conditions, and Increasing our Capacity to Cope

The principle of increasing our tolerance windows doesn’t just relate to uncomfortable weather! It also encompasses our capacity to notice, name, and validate (without judgment!) our feelings and emotions, including all of our Big Feelings. All emotions are teachers, and 

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How to Support Environmental Literacy and a Whole-Planet Mindset at Home

At Treehouse Learning, we provide early care and education with the mission of helping the world thrive, and everything in it. We learn, practice, and establish lifelong patterns for caring for our whole brains and minds, our bodies, and the 

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