Treehouse Learning and Yale’s RULER Social-Emotional Curriculum

Treehouse Learning is offering Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence’s RULER Social Emotional Curriculum to support developmental objectives for social-emotional learning at Treehouse Learning, which we offer as part of an entire menu to support whole-person well-being and life-long positive 

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Parenting (and Learning!) Beyond Power: Upcoming workshops with Jen Lumanlan for Parents and Teachers

Treehouse Learning has a mission to help the world thrive- and everything in it! We are guided by an educational philosophy of Whole Brain, Whole Person, and Whole Planet. This is why we are thrilled to partner with researcher, parenting 

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Mixed Age Play, Social-Emotional Development and Bullies versus Leaders

While early childhood educators, families, and neighborhood play groups have long seen the benefits of mixed-age play, researcher Peter Gray weaves together the experiential with the data and research through his newest writing collaboration, Play Makes Us Human. This week’s 

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