Parenting (and Learning!) Beyond Power: Upcoming workshops with Jen Lumanlan for Parents and Teachers

Image of Book Cover for "Parenting Beyond Power" by Jen Lumanlan

Treehouse Learning has a mission to help the world thrive- and everything in it! We are guided by an educational philosophy of Whole Brain, Whole Person, and Whole Planet. This is why we are thrilled to partner with researcher, parenting coach, and author Jen Lumanlan, of Your Parenting Mojo in offering a series of workshops to Parents and Educators across Boulder County and the entire Denver Metro area! Jen’s workshop is based on her book, Parenting Beyond Power: How to Use Connection and Collaboration to Transform Your Family- and the World!

This workshop will be available in 3 different sessions- for Parents on either Saturday, August 12th from 10-noon and Friday, August 25th from 6-8 pm, and for Early Childhood Teachers on Saturday, August 12th from 2-4pm. All workshops are free with the purchase of Jen’s book, with no one turned away for lack of funds. Childcare is available and food will be provided, and the workshops will be hosted at Treehouse Learning. Educators receive professional credit!

Jen’s workshops offer tools for needs-based communication strategies (rooted in Non-Violent Communication) that allow us to replace “power-over” dynamics with intentional, respectful, and empowering patterns, shaped by the research neurobiology and child development, as well as a vision of a more just world characterized by a collaborative and connected world where more people can get their needs truly met. This echoes our Treehouse Learning values framework of BIDES, for belonging, inclusion, diversity, equity, and sustainability. Jen’s book understands that “culture” both exists “out in the world” on a systemic level, as well as is experienced at the individual or interpersonal level, and is transmitted relationally, especially through our interactions with children and the perpetuation of un-examined patterns. The same tools that help us to bring more ease, joy, and collaboration to parenting and education also offer a shared framework and context to disrupt “power-over” systems that have harmed or oppressed us all.

At Treehouse Learning, we view education and relationships with children within the context of many complex social and living systems. We also recognize that co-creating the world we want to see means considering both interpersonal and broader systemic factors that shape both developing humans and unfolding cultures. We, therefore, examine our roles and responsibilities in the lives of young children to support the integration of our whole Brains, Bodies, and Selves within an approach considering our entire planet as a living system. Like Jen, we also work towards transformational change where all are empowered to help bring about a thriving world.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, educator, or any adult with influence and impact on the life of a young child, we hope you’ll join us for these powerful learning opportunities and join one of our upcoming Parenting (and Learning) Beyond Power parent or teacher workshops at Treehouse Learning today! Registration is open now!

Flyer for Parenting Workshops

Flyer for Teacher Workshops

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