November 17

Good afternoon Garden and Mountain families,

This week the children turned their attention to community building and friendship skills.  The children practiced giving high fives, waving to their friends, and taking turns.  New or popular toys are the best for teaching taking turns.  The teachers usually sing a song so that the end signals the next child’s turn with the toy.  The children also talked about their stone soup on Wednesday.  Everyone brought one ingredient and Ms. Mary was able to feed the whole school. 

During small circle the children sang “The More we Get Together,” “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” and “Skidamarink.”  The children read Families, My Heart fills with Happiness, and How do I Love You? Como te Quiero?  The children looked at their own family pictures and learned the signs for “mom” and “dad.” 

The children experimented with small balls in wooden drawers and ramps.  The children also worked on putting toys away and finding the right size cylinders.

During music with Ms. Kathleen the children danced and played peekaboo with scarves to upbeat violin music.  The children also practiced starting and stopping while shaking bells. 

Next week is a short week and we will continue discussing family and community.  Have a great weekend!

Ms. Amy, Ms. Lindsey, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Stephanie, and Ms. Isabelle

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