Treehouse Learning wins Silver Colorado Green Business Network

Colorado Green Business Network Certified Silver network
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The Colorado Green Business Network within CDPHE has recognized Treehouse Learning as a Silver-certified member! The program focuses on helping businesses across the state advance sustainability and reduce their environmental impact. By joining, businesses gain access to funding resources, a support system, mentorship, technical assistance, and statewide recognition. We are thrilled to help Colorado reach its sustainability goals from the business side, but we don’t stop there!!

As a business, we have solar panels on the roof to make electricity out of sunshine, and we’re planting trees, rain gardens, pollinator gardens and food, we’re sequestering carbon in the soil and reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, we’re embarking on comprehensive water conservation projects, and we’re sequestering single-use plastic trash into a usable building material in the form of Ecobricks, engaging our chickens to help compost, and other projects to divert waste from landfills.

Colorado Green Business Network Certified Silve Member logo

We also help families to support and engage with sustainability at home (How to Support Environmental Literacy and a Whole-Planet Mindset at Home – Treehouse Learning. We’re embedding ecological literacy and nature-based immersion into all of our learning (see post on Environmental Literacy and Nature-Based Learning – Treehouse Learning, as well as singing Odes to our local Wildlife gem at Waneka Lake (Nature-Based Learning, and What’s So Great About Waneka Lake?  – Treehouse Learning) and introducing chickens into part of our experiential educational approach (Treehouse Learning Welcomes Chickens! – Treehouse Learning). This past summer, we removed grass turf and planted a water-wise Pollinator Garden (which also includes our extremely popular Pollinator Song, which now even has additional verses and small hand movements). (Read here: Pollinators: You Are Great! We Appreciate All You Pollinate! – Treehouse Learning)

As a program, we’re doing all of this at the level of our families, staff, and children, and LEARNING about it at the same time, through music, arts, classroom experiences (including all of our outdoor “classroom” spaces), and our Peace Curriculum! Of course, all of these concepts are also woven into our Big Circle community singing ritual where we begin each day singing songs in a circle! (Big Circle + Brain Gym: A Whole Brain, Whole Person Invitation into a Joyful Day – Treehouse Learning)

We are embedding our sustainability policies and practices as a business into our educational process and curriculum as a program in incredibly innovative and impactful ways that literally help our whole planet. You can read about our BIDES Values Framework here: Building a Better World Through BIDES- Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Sustainability – Treehouse Learning.

We’re also a Gold Member of the Lousiville Green Business Program, and an active and thankful partnership with Partners for A Clean Environment, Boulder County’s Business Sustainability Partners who will be funding an Electrification Study as part of our community commitment to be energy-independent by 2030 through ground-source heating and cooling.

We’re so excited we want to TELL EVERYONE IN THE WORLD about our innovative approach to sustainability at Treehouse Learning- it is literally in our program mission and vision, and we are obsessed (and even competitive) about our efforts to “be the best” and literally help the world thrive, and everything and everyone in it.

In fact, the Colorado Green Business Network also hosts Innovation Spotlight Awards, as well as a 24-Karat Gold Award with a rotating “Stanley Cup.” While it may not be all about “winning the prize,” Treehouse Learning is all about winning the Innovation Spotlight and Gold Stanley Cup Prize next year in 2024. Yes, that’s right: we’re on a mission to WIN THE PRIZE!

Because when Treehouse Learning wins, children win, families win, our community wins, and our planet wins!

Colorado Green Business Network Certified Silver network

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