October 27

This Week in Garden and Mountain

Good Afternoon Garden and Mountain families!

This week we continued our theme of “My Universe, My World” by reading the books I Am A Tree! Amazing Feelings, and Nursery Rhymes. We also sang the songs “Oh Mr. Sun”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, and “The Opposites Song”. The children also continued to practice using their manners by signing “Please” and “Thank you”.

The children enjoyed a bit of warmth and sunny weather by going on a buggy ride before the snowy days came in. They really enjoyed watching the leaves blow in the wind. Some of the older children worked on their fine motor skills by grasping paint tools to paint with this week.

During music with Ms. Kathleen, the children practiced their gross motor skills by dancing and waving scarves while listening to classical music. Ms. Kathleen also sang a song about ponies while bouncing the children.

We hope you all have a happy weekend!

Ms. Amy, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Lindsey, Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Jordan, and Ms. Isabelle

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