January 26

Good afternoon Garden and Mountain families,

This week the children learned about the ocean.  The children sang “Slippery Fish,” “Went to Sea” and “Baby Beluga.”  During small circle the children listened to books – Under the Sea, The Ocean Alphabet Book, Splash!, and That’s Not My Mermaid.  

For large motor activities this week, the children used climbing mats, they love to climb! We also did several baby yoga poses. For children that are standing, they practiced reaching up and then touching toes. Several non-standing children also practiced half-tortoise pose.

This week the children took several stroller walks. This helped us get some fresh air on colder days, and we spent a lot of time looking at the snow. The children also explored snow in the sensory table.

In music with Ms. Kathleen this week the children made noises into a microphone, danced with scarves and listened to animal sounds. The children also took turns playing drums and playing the mini piano.

The children participated in many art activities this week. The children made whales by finger painting with blue paint on paper plates. The children also painted a “sea foam” mural with green and blue paint. Lastly the children made handprint crabs.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Lindsey, Ms. Stephanie, and Ms. Lisa

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